All the kids warmed up to Molly right away. She was fun and very entertaining. For 1 1/2 hrs Molly was able to do magic, tattoo/painting, song & dance, and prizes for 33 children. Thank you for making my son’s party fun! The kids enjoyed having you at the center.
-Aimee F, 5/10/2012, Birthday Party (Children), Columbus, GA
Our our experience with Molly the Clown was Magical. She was a delight for all ages. Molly entertained the kids and the kid in all of us. Much more than we expected. We will hire her again for all our upcoming festivals and openings!! Everyone was asking us where we got her because the kids LOVED her. We really wanted to keep her our secret but she is too sweet…we have to share and just hope she is available for our next event!!

-Sharon M, 10/22/2011, Festival, Jonesboro, GA
I really enjoyed Molly the Clown, she kept everybody’s attention and was funny and definitely a treat for the party. Love the magic tricks! I would recommend her any time for entertainment. She made the party a hit!

-Tara J, 3/17/2012, Birthday Party (Children), Columbus, GA
Molly was Absolutely Wonderful! I will definitely request Molly for Future Events! Thank you Molly!!!

-Elena B, 1/22/2012, Birthday Party (Children), Seale, AL
Molly the clown was awesome!!! She and her assistant came on time and stayed for a longer duration than what was originally agreed upon. The kids were all loving her face painting, magic, balloons and bubbles and didn’t want to leave the party! That’s a true indicator of how successful the party was. Molly and her assistant made our son’s first birthday party memorable!
-Ashish B, 3/31/2012, Birthday Party (Children), Atlanta, GA
Molly was very detailed in her pre-planning, so I knew she would handle everything once she arrived and she did. She was on-time and brought a very entertaining show for both the kids and the adults. My birthday girl was the star of the show with Molly and Molly listened to all her requests. She came with tons of prizes the kids loved and I felt like my money was well spent! The birthday girl and I watched the video after the party at least five times and we were entertained again and again by her show! Thanks Molly!
-Heather W, 9/11/2011, Birthday Party (Children), Madison, GA
Molly the clown doesn’t do a show as work. Her love for life and children shine through like the brightest of sunrises. Molly is the BEST of the best and if you hire anyone but her…well…you get second best.

-Gerald W, 4/29/2011, Fundraiser, Columbus, GA
Molly was great the kids really enjoyed her!

-Nikki D, 4/7/2012, Easter Celebration, Lagrange, GA
-Carla H, 11/5/2011, Birthday Party (Children), Lagrange, GA
All of the kids and adults loved Molly the Clown. My daughter had a wonderful time and is still talking about Molly the Clown and asking when is Molly coming back to her house. Everyone and I mean everyone had a marvelous time. I just have to learn my left from right and hand from foot…I really messed up the Hokey Pokey…no one hurt my feeling I just felt a little strange. Molly was truly a funny blast. My friend from North Carolina just kept saying, “Molly is a real professional, I can’t believe it. She’s really, really good.” It was well worth penny and I will forever remember the impression that it has left on my little ladybug.

-Vivian L, 5/14/2011, Birthday Party (Children), Forsyth, GA
My wife and I were unable to join our family in Atlanta for Easter weekend but I wanted to provide some entertainment and after talking to Molly knew she was the perfect person to represent us. My son in law wrote: “Thank you for the donation of Molly the clown! While Trey and Auburn seemed skeptical at first they really really enjoyed her. She did a great job of balancing the humor between young kids, our kids and the adults. She stayed a long time and gave each child quality time. A great addition to the weekend and certainly unexpected by most adults and all children.” My grand kids are still raving about Molly and all her magic and balloon tricks.
-Doyle B, 4/8/2012, Easter Celebration, Atlanta, GA
Molly is wonderful! She was bombarded with children (and some adults even) the moment she got here. I don’t think she came up for air the whole 3 hours that she was with us! I will definitely have her back again!!!
-Julia T, 5/7/2011, Picnic, Columbus, GA
We had such a full agenda that Molly was willing to just step in and do magic tricks and balloon art whenever we needed a filler for time. She was wonderful and the kids and adults really enjoyed her.
-Corina B, 10/7/2011, Halloween Party, Peachtree City, GA
Molly the Clown was great!!! Well worth the money. She came in a took full control just as she said. My lil girl normal doesn’t take to clowns or any entertainers well but after a few moments with Molly she acted as though she known her;her whole life. She even ask to take Molly home with us! LOL Everyone was talking about how great she was and wanted to know how and where to get her! My mother and fiancé is still trying to figure out her magic tricks! Thanks Molly for making my baby 3rd birthday party a blast!!! We looked forward to booking you again..

-Sa De B, 7/23/2011, Birthday Party (Children), Columbus, GA
Molly simply saved our party. Due to many circumstances, we had to move up the birthday party date and we almost had to have a very basic gathering for our child’s 5th birthday which was sad. I found Molly, and on 1-day notice, she came out and turned it into a huge hit by keeping the kids all engaged and captivated throughout the afternoon. I cannot stress enough that she will be all you need to host a great children’s party.
-Karl S, 5/18/2011, Birthday Party (Children), Newnan, GA
Molly the Clown was great. She was able to capture the attention of all the kids and keep their level of excitement high. We really enjoyed her and can truly say she was the life of the party.

-Nicole R, 4/24/2011, Easter Celebration, Newnan, GA
We absolutely adored Molly The Clown at my daughter’s 2nd birthday! The kids had so much fun and she did such an awesome job! She did a magic show, dancing, balloon animals, and face painting! I can’t rave enough! I’d highly recommend her!

-Samantha S, 4/30/2011, Birthday Party (Children), Dallas, GA